Recorded | 23 December 2017
In today's episode we talk to hedge fund investor Ted Seides. Ten years ago, Ted took a bet against Warren Buffett that the hedge fund industry would outperform the S&P 500. Now that the bet is over, we ask Ted what he thinks about the experience. Additionally, Ted shares some incredible first-hand experiences in dealing with Warren and legendary investor David Swanson.

Recorded | 16 December 2017
In today's episode we talk to former multi-billion dollar hedge fund manager, Jesse Felder. Jesse talks to us about his concern with FANG Stocks at the end of 2017. Additionally, Jesse talks to us about the potential change in central banking policy that might open the door for inflation to start taking hold in the economy. Finally, the discussion is concluded with Bitcoin and crypto currencies.

Recorded | 8 December 2017
In this episode of The Investor's Podcast, we have the renowned Guy Spier on the show to talk about his new book, The Education of a Value Investor in 2008, Guy and Mohnish Pabrai bid $650,000 to have lunch with Warren Buffett. In our interview, you'll quickly learn there's a lot more to guy than investing and expensive lunches.


  • emerging-markets-stocks-topped-last-weeks-trading-action

Emerging Markets Stocks Topped Last Week’s Trading Action

by James Picerno | 27 December 2017

Stocks in emerging markets head into the final week of trading for 2017 with a bullish tailwind.

  • Visualizing-the-Race-for-Clean-Energy

Visualizing the Race for Clean Energy

by Jeff Desjardins | 27 December 2017

Infographic: Absolute and per capita power consumption by countries, as well as dollars being invested into each particular type of green energy.

  • bitcoin-news-crypto

Chart Of The Day: To Bitcoin Or Not To Bitcoin?

by Pinchas Cohen | 27 December 2017

In the last quarter of 2017, the price of Bitcoin has more than tripled. This has led to a sudden surge in the awareness of Bitcoin across the globe, further exacerbating unbridled demand.

  • ETF-price-war

ETF.com’s 2017 Capital Gains Report

by Lara Crigger | 27 December 2017

Once again, ETF companies are making their year-end distributions, leaving investors with a little extra cash in pocket - and a higher tax bill.

  • outlook-2018-equity-crypto

Outlook 2018: Equity, Crypto Rallies Will Slow…But Continue

by Investing.com | 27 December 2017

Many claim they’re happy to see 2017 in the rearview mirror, but from a markets perspective it was indeed a very good year. Will 2018 be as good (or perhaps better) for investors?

  • Great-Paradox-of-Todays-Market

The Great Paradox of Today’s Market

by Brian Maher | 27 December 2017

“Can a tightening be considered effective if financial conditions ease?” Claudio Borio, head of Monetary and Economic department, poses a thumping question.

  • unambiguous-tax-deferred-retirement-account

The Unambiguous Tax Deferred Retirement Account

by Chris Reed | 27 December 2017

In contrast to the idea that there are different but valid ways to look at traditional tax-deferred IRA accounts, I show there are right and wrong conceptual models.

  • market-cap-SP500

Top 5 S&P 500 Market-Cap Weights Now Comprise 12% Of Index

by Brian Gilmartin | 27 December 2017

Once a year, looking at the top market cap weights in the S&P 500 can provide some insight into the equity market’s key benchmark.

  • gold-vs-dollar

Gold Prices Advance to 3-Week High

by Investing.com | 27 December 2017

Gold prices hit a three-week high, while the dollar showed little movement as trading volumes were expected remain subdued during the holiday season.

  • pump-and-dump

Pump and Dump? Coinbase Suspends Bitcoin Cash, Investigates Insider Trading

by Simon Golstein | 26 December 2017

Coinbase has suspended Bitcoin Cash trading and begun an internal investigation only a few hours after beginning to offer it, according to a report.

  • analysis-unemployment

Globally, Bull Markets Eye Resistance

by Jay Kaeppel | 26 December 2017

Pay close attention for clues as to whether the worldwide bull market will continue unabated – or if maybe we are “on the brink” (of something different).

  • overhyped-technologies

The Most Overhyped Sectors in Tech, According to Entrepreneurs

by Jeff Desjardins | 26 December 2017

In a survey, entrepreneurs were asked to give their opinions on 14 different technologies, on whether they were overhyped or underhyped.

  • planning-2018

Planning For 2018, The Tax Cut, And More On Crypto

by Yale Bock | 26 December 2017

From an investment point of view, now is the time to consider things like the tax cut as 2018 is imminent.

  • congratulations-you-got-a-raise

Congratulations… You Just Got A Raise!

by Zack Scheidt | 26 December 2017

Americans just got a raise because the House and Senate agreed on the new tax bill which features a tax cut over the next 10 years.

  • warren-buffett-invest

Buffett Should Buy This REIT

by Seeking Alpha | 26 December 2017

Warren Buffett was smart to buy a maker of manufactured homes in 2003, when Clayton Homes was acquired by Berkshire Hathaway Inc. for $1.7 billion.

  • tax-cut-winners-losers

Which Stocks Are The Tax Cut Winners (Or Losers)?

by Jeff Miller | 26 December 2017

This article will first focus on the tax cuts, identifying the winning and losing stocks and sectors. The second will update the list of worries for 2018.

  • How-North-Korea-Evades-Sanctions

How North Korea Evades Sanctions

by Robert Huebscher | 26 December 2017

If sanctions against a target regime can be thought of as antibiotics, then North Korea has largely become drug-resistant.

  • cybersecurity-series

Cybersecurity Series: Penetration Testing for Financial Advisors

by Pat Cleary | 26 December 2017

Cybersecurity is much like a combat, you can train all you want, but you never really know your true grit until you face your adversary face to face.

  • petro-yuan-dollar

U.S. Dollar Threat? Petro-Yuan? Really?

by Marc Chandler | 26 December 2017

China is expected to launch a futures contract that even otherwise sober economists are gushing over for the world-changing potential. An oil contract priced in yuan that can be swapped for gold is a major blow for the dollar.

What is “X” – Google’s Moonshots Company?

by Investing.com | 26 December 2017

"X" as a company is controversial among investors, as Alphabet spent over 3.6 billion dollars on moonshot projects in 2016. However, Alphabet knows that a potential commercial application of a newly developed technology is worth much, much more.