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Posted | 28 July 2018
On today's show, we learn about investing in the renewable energy market. Our guest is Bryan Birsic and he's the founder of Wunder Capital. His company invests over $100M in the renewable energy market and has a deep understanding of how the market might progress in the future.

Posted | 28 July 2018
On today's show we talk to Michael Batnick about his new book. Michael recently wrote the book: Big Mistakes. It profiles some of the biggest mistakes that famous investors have made and what you can do to avoid the same. Michael is often featured on CNBC and Bloomberg and he is the Director of Research at Ritholtz Wealth Management.

Posted | 21 July 2018
On today’s show we talk to the founder of ETFmg, Sam Masucci.  Sam's company is responsible for bringing the first Artificial Intelligence ETF onto the market.  The name of the ticker is AIEQ, and since inception in OCT 2017, the fund has outperformed the S&P 500 by nearly twice the yield (as of July 2018).  During our discussion with Sam, we ask him about the deep learning methodology and how the programmers integrated IBM Watson technology into the logic.  Additionally, we talk to Sam about another artificial intelligence ETF called BIKR, which was designed and launched by the legendary investor, Jim Rogers.


Why Consumer Staples ETFs Struggle

by Sumit Roy | 07 August 2018

What has traditionally been one of the safest sectors of the stock market has been anything but safe this year. The consumer staples sector is down 5% so far in 2018.

USD/CNY – The Mirror Image of Gold

by David Brady | 07 August 2018

The price of Gold today is determined by USD/CNY, period. Once you understand this, the reason for Gold’s performance recently becomes clear.

Trump Takes a Page From Nixon’s Playbook

by Nomi Prins | 07 August 2018

During a recent interview with CNBC Squawk Box host, Joe Kernen, President Trump expressed his dissatisfaction with the rate hikes. How come?

Investors Flock To This Commodity ETF

by Lara Crigger | 06 August 2018

Year-to-date, the commodity ETF that has attracted the most new net money from investors is not a gold fund or an energy ETF; it's a broad-based commodity portfolio.

Why Japan May Spark the Next Crisis

by Simon Black | 06 August 2018

In a world full of reckless and extreme monetary policy, Japan takes the cake. The country has total debt of more than one quadrillion yen pushing its debt-to-GDP ratio to a whopping 224%.

Why Markets Should Beware the Dog Days of August

by Brian Maher | 06 August 2018

August has been the Dow’s worst month for the past 30 years. But what about the S&P? Another worrisome portent falls into view…Since 1945, the S&P has also lost 0.2% in August — on average.

Is Tesla Making a Graphene Battery?

by Amanda Kay | 05 August 2018

Recently, some investors are wondering whether Tesla’s lithium-ion batteries may eventually include another interesting material - graphene.

China’s Launching A Covert FX War

by Adem Tumerkan | 05 August 2018

As the trade war steadily evolves into a covert currency war, it is important to know why China will continue devaluing their currency and how that will affect the global players.

Factors: Shorting Stocks vs The Index

by Nicolas Rabener | 05 August 2018

Highlighting factor portfolios which can be constructed by shorting stocks or an index, whereby the latter has significant benefits from an operational and cost perspective.

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